I actually made a scrivener template based on this article because I found it so helpful! And one of the best strategies you can use is the Three-Act Structure. If the story idea you have in mind clearly aligns with one particular structure, that’s certainly the … As a result, I find it difficult to apply the same criteria in other genres where threats and conflicts are more subtle. It’s easy enough that the 75% of book 1 is the 25% of the overall story, but when it comes to pinch points being inciting events and climaxes, things get interesting. Leave any questions or thoughts on this popular plotting method in the comments below! Despite the set-backs, in Chapter 18 the hero decides that they will succeed no matter what. In Chapter 11, the hero can take a break and have a little fun. The hero’s life has changed as a result of the action they took in Chapter Five, and this creates a lot of pressure and stress in Chapter Seven. Writing is a lot like cooking—and writing romance is even more like baking. The nine chapters in each act are also split into three blocks of three chapters each. In Chapter 17, Katniss blows up the Career’s food supply, but before she and Rue can celebrate, Rue is attacked by another tribute. In Chapter 25, the character has one last battle. The three act structure can be as simple as that. What would have to happen for them to feel that their goal is being directly threatened? She also reflects on her past and the difficulty of rebellion. It's actually exactly the same structure, but you break Act II up at the midpoint and make that second half a separate act. The three act structure is a narrative model that divides stories into three parts — Act One, Act Two, and Act Three, or rather, a beginning, middle, and end. The Witch finds out that the ruby slippers can’t be taken against Dorothy’s will while she’s alive, so she sets an hourglass and threatens that Dorothy will die when it runs out. What are my protagonist’s biggest fears and character flaws? So take a deep breath, set yourself up in. Effortlessly plot your story with our customizable template. #amwriting, Learn all about the different beats of the three-act structure, right here. Katniss also starts to discuss strategy with Haymitch, her mentor. Maybe they have a date with their new lover, or maybe they do something they’ve never done before. This, of course, is an assumption. As a result of the pinch, the hero is pushed into a new world in Chapter Nine. Ready to start outlining our NaNo novels using the 3-act story structure?? They are taken to the hospital and later home, where they must put on a show as the winners of the Games, but are ultimately safe — for now. When you’re aware of your story’s structure as your writing your outline and first draft, the end product will be that much tighter and more powerful. The first act is used to introduce the reader to the world your characters live in and to set up the coming conflict. She also reflects on her past and the difficulty of rebellion. Based on the mythology studies of Joseph Campbell, this story structure has been especially popular with fantasy writers as it is well-suited to quest narratives. ), Chapter 3: Immediate reaction (resolution), In the first chapter, you need to set up your hero in their ordinary world. The first pinch in The Hunger Games is Katniss receiving a score of 11, something completely unexpected. And while it isn't without its limits, the 3-Act Story Structure works wonderfully across a wide range of stories. Climax 3. What a better way to celebrate terror than with a film tha… Let’s be honest. But it applies to the divisions in any kind of story, including novels. . Chapter 15 is the immediate reaction or consequence of the midpoint. Here, Katniss makes an alliance with Rue and they formulate a plan to take down the Career tributes. There are certain things you should include,  as well as common mistakes you should avoid. Return to the protagonist’s main goal to establish what this Midpoint event should be. As the protagonist has been gearing up to meet the antagonist head-on, their main foe has also been getting stronger and is now ready for battle. is Katniss receiving a score of 11, something completely unexpected. When she wakes up, she’s in The Land of Oz. While some people like to write organically (letting the story take you in whatever direction feels right), having a detailed outline can help make the novel-writing process a lot less daunting and overwhelming. ExamplesWhile on the way to the Wicked Witch’s castle, Dorothy is captured. This version creates a fast-paced novel that invites readers to keep turning your pages. This doesn’t have to be a physical battle – it could be a fight between friends or lovers, or a mental battle your hero has with themselves. Also called “The Dark Night of the Soul,” Act Three starts with the final clash between the protagonist and the antagonist. (SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t read or seen, and don’t want key plot points spoiled, read on at your own risk! As a result of their reflection, the hero decides to take action and do something to change their situation in Chapter Five. How to write a novel using the ever-popular three-act structure. Here, Katniss has her demonstration where she shows the Gamemakers her archery skills by shooting an arrow towards them in frustration. Thank you for for such a detailed explanation.