Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press, 1990. His editorials called for justice in personal relations, political equality, and freedom of conscience, and they emphasized individual and collective responsibilities instead of rights. J. K. Zeman (Burlington, Ont., 1980), 147–59. Confederation. The Dictionary of Canadian Biography provides authoritative biographical information about significant figures of Canada's past, including both detailed arcticles on Canada's major historical figures, and short articles on minor personages who have hitherto found no place in reference works or general histories. Dictionnaire des parlementaires du Québec de 1792 à nos jours (in … Alexander Burns attended school in Ireland until 1847, when his parents emigrated to British North America. 12 Nov. 2014. By 1880 Burns was a man not only of academic and clerical substance but also of decidedly liberal views on a wide range of subjects. Dictionary of Canadian biography. The DCB, which was initiated in 1959, is a collaboration between the University of Toronto and Laval University. © 1990–2021 University of Toronto/Université Laval. In 1857 the family returned to England, but one year later they came back to Toronto; shortly thereafter Stephen opened a hat-making business in Guelph. . Edited by Ramsey Cook and Jean Hamelin. "Klatsassin" in The Dictionary of Canadian Biography, Volume IX N.p., n.d. Stephen Dadson had been raised an Anglican but became successively a Methodist class leader, a Congregationalist, and a Baptist. UCC-C, Biog. 8-20, Dumas Malone.--v. Polly Barber’s father was the son of an American physician from Canton, Conn., and her mother’s family included several Baptist clergymen. Dictionary of Canadian Biography, vol. Globe, 23 May 1900. **** /4 John S. Moir, “DADSON, EBENEZER WILLIAM,” in Dictionary of Canadian Biography, vol. Dictionary of Canadian Biography / Dictionaire Biographique du Canada: Volume XII, 1891 - 1900 (Dictionary of Canadian Biography) May 1, 1990, University of Toronto Press Hardcover in English Clappison, whose ministry had begun in 1844, charged Burns with deviating from Methodist doctrinal standards on three major points, “the Equal Inspiration of the Canonical Scriptures,” “the Substitution Theory of the Atonement,” and “the Doctrine of Eternal Conscious Torment and the possibility of a Post-mortem Probation.” After much debate over two days, the conference concluded that “having heard Dr. Burns’ explanations we accept them as being substantially in agreement with our standards on the Inspiration of the Scriptures.”, Burns continued, however, to be outspoken on matters religious and political. Dent, Canadian portrait gallery. DICTIONARY OF CANADIAN BIOGRAPHY, VOLUME XII: 1891-1900. BURNS, ALEXANDER, Methodist minister and educator; b. Burns died at his home in Toronto on 22 May 1900 of what was described as “inflammatory rheumatism.”. Canada-Biography-Indexes. Welcome to Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Volume XII of the DCB said that the first three volumes of the 20th century were in preparation: Volume XIII (1901–1910); Volume XIV (1911–1918); Volume XV (1919–1925). DUMONT, GABRIEL, Métis hunter, merchant, ferryman, and political and military leader; b. December 1837 in the Red River settlement (Man. Dictionary of Canadian Biography, set 15 vol. The first volume of the Dictionary of Canadian Biography appeared in 1966 with 594 biographies covering the years 1000 to 1700. BURNS, ALEXANDER, Methodist minister and educator; b. Grades 10 and up / Ages 15 and up Reviewed by Alison Mews. Responsible Government. Dictionary of Canadian Biography, vol. Possibly because of his failure to garner sufficient support for this cause, he ended his association with Wesleyan Ladies’ College in 1897 and retired to Toronto. Dictionary of Canadian Biography, vol. The Dictionary of Canadian Biography provides authoritative biographical information about significant figures of Canada's past, including both detailed arcticles on Canada's major historical figures, and short articles on minor personages who have hitherto found no place in reference works or general histories. Web. In the summer of 1872, a year before graduation, he served as a ministerial assistant in Ottawa and Chelsea, Que. The Dadson family immigrated to Upper Canada in 1849 and settled at Toronto. The Dictionary of American Biography was published in New York City by Charles Scribner's Sons under the auspices of the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS). . The Australian Dictionary of Biography is Australia's pre-eminent dictionary of national biography.In it you will find concise, informative and fascinating descriptions of the lives of significant and representative persons in Australian history. Show More. Under Dadson’s guidance the Canadian Baptist became an early exponent of the ideas of “practical Christianity” later incorporated into the Social Gospel. User Review - Not Available - Book Verdict. On completing his secondary schooling, “Ebb,” as he was nicknamed, returned to Toronto, where the family had settled again in 1867, and entered the University of Toronto. 1247 pp., cloth, $100.00. Methodist Church of Canada, London Conference, Journal of proc. Welcome to the online version of the Dictionary of Canadian Biography/Dictionnaire biographique du Canada (DCB/DBC)! Canadian men and women of the time (Morgan; 1898). ; Learn about our editors and read the Letter from the General Editor Professor Sir David Cannadine. In 1895 McMaster University conferred on him its third honorary dd. 12, 1990, p. 300-305). 4-7, Allen Johnson and Dumas Malone.--v. [The primary sources of information on Ebenezer William Dadson are the files of the Canadian Baptist (Toronto) for the years 1882–88, and E. W. Dadson, B.A., D.D. During his early years in the pastorate he was active in amateur athletics and attracted attention as a public speaker and writer on popular, classical, and religious topics. On 15 June 1863 he married Sarah Andrews, daughter of Cobourg miller Thomas Andrews; he was ordained in 1864. 10: Publisher: University of Toronto/Université Laval: Year of publication: 1972: Year of revision: 1972: Access Date: January 12, 2021: We acknowledge the support of the Government of Canada through the Department of Canadian Heritage. © 2003-2021 University of Toronto/Université Laval, 10 July 1845 in Cranbrook, Kent, England, youngest of five sons of Stephen Dadson and Mary Breachin; m. August 1877 Julia Elizabeth French of Paris, Ont., and they had five sons; d. 12 March 1900 in,, Biography – DADSON, EBENEZER WILLIAM – Volume XII (1891-1900) – Dictionary of Canadian Biography, From the Red River Settlement to Manitoba (1812–70), The Charlottetown and Quebec Conferences of 1864, Communications – Newspapers and magazines – Journalists, North America – Canada – Ontario – Centre, North America – Canada – Ontario – Southwest, North America – Canada – Quebec – Montréal/Outaouais. 12, University of Toronto/Université Laval, 2003–". Dictionary of Canadian Biography, set 15 vol. Grades 10 and up / Ages 15 and up. (Colborne, Ont., [ 1898?]). Dadson produced two pamphlets: Bible baptism (only the third edition, Toronto, 1899, is known), and a tribute to his wife, Julia French Dadson; written by her husband for the boys ([Montreal, 1898]). (Toronto), 1882. Volume 18 Number 5 1990 September Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press, 1998. In 1861 he rejoined his family in Guelph, where he worked in his father’s store. 25 Sept. 1803 in Saint-Armand, Lower Canada, daughter of Asahel Barber and Polly Armes; d. 23 Feb. 1898 in Scottsmore, Que. Evening News (Toronto), 23 May 1900. 19 May 1828 in Scotland, second son of Lord Patrick Robertson, judge and wit, and Mary Cameron Ross; m. in 1851 Amelia Ann Maynard, and they had at least one son; d. 23 July 1883 at Boulogne, France. Dictionary of Canadian Biography: Volume XIV, 1911-1920. Although raised a Presbyterian, Burns was converted to Methodism and became a member of the Wesleyan Methodist Church in 1851, after he attended revival services held by the Reverend James Caughey in Toronto. He was now a figure of some eminence in academic circles. 12 Aug. 1834 in Castlewellan (Northern Ireland), son of James Burns, carpenter, and Elizabeth McAdam; d. 22 May 1900 in Toronto. DWORKIN, HENRY – Volume XV (1921-1930) d. 14 Jan. 1928 in Toronto. In 1878 Burns returned to Ontario to succeed Samuel Dwight Rice* as governor and principal of the Wesleyan Female (later Wesleyan Ladies’) College in Hamilton, also becoming its professor of mental and moral science, logic, evidences, and higher English literature. Soon he was also elected a senator of the University of Toronto and a member of the board of trustees and the senate at Victoria. 21, Marris E. Starr,--v. 22, Robert Livingston Schuyler The current electronic edition is not free, but is availablethrough individual or library subscription. He firmly believed that neither churches nor governments should support privilege. Although no longer holding a regular charge, he continued to preach in various churches and was active in support of the Muskoka Cottage Sanatorium in Gravenhurst, a centre for the treatment of victims of tuberculosis. Includes business people, artists, politicians, nurses, judges, doctors, soldiers, athletes and poets. There he became a founding member of the University College Young Men’s Christian Association and was involved with Professor James Colton Yule in religious work at York Mills (Toronto). ISBN 0-8020-3460-8. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 1831), a notary, being a member of the first legislative assembly for Lower Canada, established in 1791. Sir John A. Macdonald. This volume, the eleventh to be published since 1966, bridges the years between the first six volumes, covering the period between 1000 A.D. and 1835, and volumes VIII-XI, dealing with the years 1851-1890. Hugh Allan (vol.… Burns had by 1865 gained a reputation as a rising Methodist academician. The family attended Bond Street Baptist Church, where the young Ebenezer was influenced by three leading Baptist pastors of the day, James Pyper, Thomas Ford Caldicott*, and particularly Robert Alexander Fyfe*, founder and principal of the Canadian Literary Institute in Woodstock. CIP. For Dadson these issues were as much religious as social and political. Subject Headings: Dictionary of Canadian biography-Indexes. That year he was offered the vice-presidency of Mount Allison Wesleyan College in New Brunswick, but refused it in order to accept a position as vice-president and professor of mathematics and astronomy at Iowa Wesleyan College. J. H. Farmer (Toronto, 1902), which contains unidentified selections from diaries, private letters, sermons, and public writings which have now disappeared. A. ROBERTSON-ROSS, PATRICK, soldier and adjutant-general of the militia; b. ~ ThriftBooks: Read More, Spend Less Biography – BURNS, ALEXANDER – Volume XII (1891-1900) – Dictionary of Canadian Biography. Editors: v. 1-3, Allen Johnson.--v. 1-12) [Cook, Ramsay, Halpenny, Francess G., Hamelin, Jean, Bélanger, Réal] on H. U. Trinier, A century of service: story of the “Canadian Baptist”, 1854–1954 ([Toronto, 1958]).