Our ThunderEssence is now available to diffuse with our new. Research on both humans and animals suggests that this type of pressure can release a calming hormone like oxytocin or endorphins (there is a reason we love hugs!). When leash pulling is a concern, ThunderLeash can be converted easily into a “no pull” harness by simply wrapping around the dog’s torso using its innovative, patented hardware design. It’s like having 15 different retractables in one unit! We’d love to have you be a part of our community. ThunderLeash is absolutely a positive-based solution. Your email address will not be published. The retractable spring in Dial-A-Distance only maintains very light tension in the leash. It doesn’t work with all dogs but it does work for most. Begin desensitizing your dog to her “triggers.” Triggers could include picking up your keys, putting on your coat, etc. Why does ThunderShirt work? Within the length you choose it retracts and extends like a regular retractable. Sign up for marketing emails and find out when we're launching new products, Need Help? How did it work for you? Just because your dog does some of these things, it doesn’t necessarily mean she has separation anxiety. When he’s ready for another hug, he comes back to me. The ThunderCloud® may be plugged into a standard 120V AC power outlet. If you see any indications of this, remove the ThunderShirt immediately. With tens of millions of dogs suffering from anxiety, we are striving to build awareness of this simple, safe, and inexpensive solution. Good question! If you notice any unusual behavior or symptoms, please contact your veterinarian immediately. ThunderShirt helps to take the "PET" out of “Petrified”! Good question! Read more. Thunderworks offers a money-back guarantee if the Thundershirt doesn’t work for you. Thousands of veterinarians recommend ThunderShirts around the world. Looking at customer reviews for the Thundershirt on Thunderworks, Amazon or any pet blog, you’ll see that the response is overwhelmingly positive. This device is specifically designed to reduce anxiety in dogs. An online version is provided. ThunderShirt's patented design applies a gentle, constant pressure on a dog's or cat's torso. However, someone who uses it along with a serious desensitization program will be more likely to see results and possibly benefit from the Thundershirt. Why does ThunderShirt work? If you purchased your product from another retailer: If you purchased your ThunderShirt from another retailer: You will need to exchange the ThunderShirt at the place of purchase, as they received your payment. When I had to leave for work she developed seizures from her anxiety attacks and I got her a Thunder shirt. But, please note! The ThunderCloud® is only designed to work with ThunderCloud® Refill bottles. For example, if you set the maximum length to 10 feet, you can still use the manual thumb break to stop extending at less than 10 ft. He does seem to measurably relax, but what really relaxes him are tight hugs, so I sit with him and just hug him for about 60 seconds and then we relax and he chews on his Nylabone. No! What do you do to keep your pets calm during storms and fireworks? Your email address will not be published. We do not recommend using any other diffusing liquids in the ThunderCloud®. You want her to associate the treat with the Thundershirt. D-A-D offers all the features of a regular retractable with one key difference: Unlike other retractables, you can set the maximum retractable length anywhere from 0 to 15 feet. All of the benefits of a Dial-A-Distance work just as well with a harness! Dogs can be anxious or fearful for many reasons: thunderstorms, fireworks, travel, vet visits, separation anxiety and more. From real world experience helping millions of dogs, ... Why doesn't my vet know about this remedy for anxiety and fear issues? Every time she sniffs it, give her a treat. If your cat does the Freeze & Flop, simply give them some time to adjust and encourage them to move. ThunderEase may be used in conjunction with medications or other treatments (like ThunderShirt!). If this type of product doesn’t work, don’t worry—you still have options. Begin leaving the Thundershirt on your dog for longer periods. Affected puppies … For multi-cat households, it helps stop conflict, tension, and fighting. All of the benefits of a Dial-A-Distance work just as well with a harness! Most people say that their dogs and cats really enjoy wearing their ThunderShirts and they are safe to leave on for extended periods of time depending on the issue. $$$ Thundershirt Doesn't Work! Hopefully, your dog’s … Some cats are sensitive or allergic to essential oils, so we do not recommend ThunderEssence for use with cats. Yes! For example, if she begins to feel anxious when you start to get ready for work, put the Thundershirt on her before you take a shower or before you eat breakfast. Spare Caps let you leave caps on multiple collars or harnesses if you use more than one. For dogs up to 26 lbs - 1 chew; For dogs 27-50 lbs - 2 chews; For dogs 51-99 lbs - 4 chews; For dogs 100 lbs and more - 6 soft chews. He also recommended that dog owners ignore their overly excited dogs upon returning home. Does the Thundershirt Work for Separation Anxiety? You have to introduce your pet to the Thundershirt so he or she will like it and associate it only to good things. The dog owner’s expectations and dedication to training. Ever since then, he’s been so scared of the vet that he pees himself. Each dog is an individual. If we find that the returned product is stained, worn, contains cat hair, smells or has been washed after use, we cannot return the product to you. But it doesn’t mean that they will get used to wearing the wrap instantly. For PULLERS we have developed the ThunderLeash NO PULL extension that can be easily added to the D-A-D. Not at all! No cost and good. Tips on how to properly use the dog Thundershirt for separation anxiety, Read about a dog with separation anxiety who benefited from the Thundershirt, Learn why the Thundershirt won’t work for all dogs, Learn what to do in addition to using a Thundershirt, An unhealthy attachment to the owner, always following her around, Scratching or “digging” at a crate or door if she is not allowed near her owner. Shares. Whenever you are ready for walk, simply connect the leash-end to the Cap with Snap! Some other products claim to be using pheromone technology, but are actually using simple herbal or essential oil ingredients. When properly used, it does not cause any discomfort. The Thundershirt didn’t help Pierson’s anxiety at the vet. On a dog with more hair, I am less certain about sizing so I would consult with the pet store … Everyone learns what works by learning what doesn't work. From real world experience helping millions of dogs, ... Why doesn't my vet know about this remedy for anxiety and fear issues? If you want to try it out, the company does offer a money back guarantee if it doesn't work for you. But if you have a dog with a sensitive neck or are otherwise concerned, we absolutely support the use of a harness with any leash, whether retractable or fixed-length. The dog Thundershirt works as a training tool to help some dogs with separation anxiety if used in addition to other training tools. Most dogs barely notice it. Doesn’t Always Work The Thundershirt for dogs isn’t designed to be a “cure” for anxiety. Will the Thundershirt stop separation anxiety? Thundershirt is one of those things that doesn't work for everyone. The ThunderCap has an elastic opening to fit around the dog’s muzzle which allows them to eat and drink normally. De-Stress is available as a candle, spray, or even shampoo & conditioner! Just put ThunderShirt onto your dog or cat and you will likely see results with the very first usage. Then take the Thundershirt off and take the treat away. Click Here. Absolutely! I know!! We offer a MONEY-BACK : If ThunderShirt does not work, return it for a refund of your purchase price. With the drops, simply put 2-3 drops on the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and then massage into your dog’s fur around the neck area. The dog owner’s expectations and dedication to training. While compression works for many … ... but be … When necessary, ThunderShirt may be washed in a regular cycle using regular laundry detergent and cold water. Adjustments can be made in approximately 1 foot increments. I’m sure that would work for quite a few dogs. Over 10 lbs, one soft chew daily per 5 lbs of body weight. 2. After a week or two of the training sessions above, your dog should have positive associations with the Thundershirt or at least neutral associations. Many dog trainers will use the ThunderCap while working with reactive dogs. By eliminating the lobster claw on the ThunderSnap, the integrated ThunderCollar version is a little more compact. What is even more exciting is that for a large number of dogs, the effects seem to begin working even when the dog is NOT wearing the Thundershirt anymore. You can set the ThunderCloud® to a volume that is comfortable for you while masking distracting night-time noises for you and your dog. Based on reviews, the use of thundershirt is the easiest and safest solution to correct your dogs’ separation anxiety. They’re the perfect calming companions for your perfect companion! Remove the protective cap from the refill bottle. When the magnets engage, steel ball-bearings engage with a steel retaining ring. Perfect for combining with other positive-based training techniques for teaching proper leash manners. Hang to dry. For other people I know that have tried it, it... It’s kind of pricey. Or maybe he’s young and has never been taught what to do when left alone. Some other products are based on pig pheromones that have no scientific evidence of effectiveness; pheromones are species specific, meaning a dog or cat would not notice a pig pheromone. Absolutely safe! pollinator Posts: 784. You want to teach your dog that the Thundershirt equals treats and fun. When necessary, ThunderShirt may be washed in a regular cycle using regular laundry detergent and cold water. Hugs aren’t necessary. This post contains affiliate links. Customer Testimonials. Where Do I Buy a Thundershirt For My Dog? ThunderCloud®’s calming essential oils are made from all-natural ingredients and the slow-burning diffuser should last about 30 days before you need to replace the refill. So simple! Thank you for your continued support. Adjust the Slack Buckle until ThunderLeash stays loosely against your dog’s torso without tension on the leash. Haha! He’d only been in his new home with me for a few days so to be shipped off to a strange place with more strangers must have been traumatic. However, if you take the plunge and invest in the Thundershirt from the very beginning, you’ll find yourself saving up on copious amounts of money and time helping your dog. ... Herman cautions that the vest doesn’t work in all situations for all dogs, but says it’s worth trying. You can read additional reviews of the Thundershirt here. The shirt hasn’t worked with our Odin. The ThunderShirt can be removed from the packaging and held up next to your pet in order to check whether it fits. Retractable leashes are not for everyone, but when used properly and safely, they can make walks more enjoyable for all involved…dogs and humans. CBS 4 out of Pittsburgh examines the Thundershirt on their "Does It Really Do That?" With tens of millions of dogs suffering from anxiety, we are striving to build awareness of this simple, safe, and inexpensive solution. ... ThunderShirt is designed to be safe to leave on for extended periods of time when appropriate for the … So how will you be able to tell in case your dog has separation anxiousness? Play it on low volume throughout the working day whilst you undergo your normal routine. A lot of dogs will experience separation anxiety in their life. Spread the love. Don't go to to fearful conduct if your canine will get scared from the CD. These are just some possible signs to be aware of. 10 Comments. You may need contact the place of purchase directly to find out their exchange procedures. Though there isn’t a lot of scientific proof these products will work, it’s unlikely they will make things worse. I bought the ThunderShirt with my own money and was not compensated. The list of sounds can be found on your instructions from the package. 133. For many types of anxiety or fear issues, no training is necessary! The snug feeling can calm some personalities, but I wish there was a way to know in advance! Feels like magic. Prior to washing, make sure to connect all of the hook and loop fasteners to avoid the risk that they might grab other fabrics in the wash. The company website claims the Thundershirt is proven to be at least 80% effective in calming your dog and preventing anxiety. With reasonable precautions… Yes! Problems are very rare, but if you see any signs of skin irritation or physical discomfort, please discontinue use and contact us. We currently offer our Medium/Large Dial-A-Distance for dogs up to 70 lbs. The Thundershirt has to fit tight, so as to embrace your pet. In fact, its effectiveness might be related to the type of anxiety your dog actually has. When a dog pulls, ThunderLeash snugs up on the torso, providing immediate, consistent and safe feedback to the dog. By applying gentle pressure around the torso, like a comforting and continuous hug, the … Copyright © 2021, THUNDERWORKS. For cats up to 5 lbs, one soft chew daily. And combine ThunderEase’s calming pheromones and ThunderShirt's calming pressure for even better results. The ThunderLeash can also be used in conjunction with the ThunderShirt for added benefits. and you are ready to go. In the home using ThunderEase with a diffuser, simply put the ThunderShirt on your dog or cat. After you set the safe range for where you are, Dial-A-Distance will ensure your dog goes no farther, even during those momentary distractions. If additional behavior modification is needed, seek advice from your veterinarian or professional trainer. ThunderCollar uses a new, easy to use buckle that avoids pinching your dog or fingers when closing or opening. or call at (866) 892-2078. Some are not-at-all obvious and often misunderstood. Because the pheromones are different, you will need to purchase more than one diffuser or spray for dogs and cats, but feel free to set up both for calming for all your furry friends. And of course, some dogs just flat out won’t benefit from the Thundershirt at all, regardless of what the owner does as far as training. We have many other calming solutions that they might respond better to. Adjust the Safety Buckle to prevent too much pressure from being applied when the dog pulls. See below for detailed return or exchange instructions. 114 ; 19 Tweet . ThunderLeash is a positive-based training solution. The thundershirt used to (kinda) work with my lab, but it doesn't anymore. Prior to washing, make sure to connect all of the hook and loop fasteners to avoid the risk that they might grab other fabrics in the wash. All ThunderShirts work in the same way by applying safe, gentle, constant pressure to your pet’s torso. Justin said he no longer has to worry that his dog is bothering the neighbors with her barking and crying. It could be that the dog hasn’t had enough exercise and is simply bored. For most cases, no training is necessary. What if the ThunderShirt doesn't fit? To close, simply place the easy latch top buckle over the bottom buckle and press together. Or, simply set the Thundershirt next to her bowl while she eats. The manual thumb brake works just like on most standard retractable leashes with a temporary and locked positions. If away from home using ThunderEase spray, simply spray the ThunderEase on the ThunderPatch on your ThunderShirt or spray into the car or crate prior to your pet getting in. The next day, place the Thundershirt on your dog’s back and give her a treat (something worth it, like real meat!). Except in extreme conditions (e.g. ThunderShirts were ranked the most effective solution for anxiety by veterinarians in a 2011 survey. The bad news is that the wraps don’t work for every pet, and there are levels of anxiety even in the pets they do work on. The ThunderCloud® is a sound machine and an essential oils diffuser. But I still managed to make it work by folding the long flap that wraps around her belly. For convenience, the Caps are intended to be left on your dog’s collar between uses. The ThunderCollar’s buckle is engineered to be stronger than the industry standard, and can hold up to 500 lbs! Separation distress doesn't necessarily mean the pup feels anxious and probably is a more accurate description of dogs displaying separation behaviors. You’re putting it on her while she is calm to help her remain calm in addition to other training techniques. These functions are independent of each other, so you can use them separately or together. ThunderShirt is made with durable, washable fabric. The last 4 nights have been absolutely brutal - even with her thundershirt on, TV and radio blasting at full volume, 3+ fans running at full speed, my lab was still extremely stressed by the fireworks. It just takes two fingers and a light tug. Sizing can be a little difficult to determine. The process might take a while. ThunderSnap works great with any standard collar or harness, including front or rear-attaching harnesses. Great to hear! Someone expecting a quick fix is going to be disappointed with this product in most cases. Just pull on the grey-colored “Release Slide” and the ThunderSnap pops apart. I wrote a post on the signs of separation anxiety in dogs. Remember, you’re not putting the Thundershirt on her to stop her anxiety at this point. ThunderShirt is a terrific solution for most dogs and cats suffering from anxiety. No Thundershirt equals no treat. Required fields are marked *. For your dog, you can also try combining with a ThunderCap for reduced visual stimuli (especially great in a car!). Turn the Diffuser Cap to the unlock position and lift out of the ThunderCloud machine. The thundershirt didn't work for me, but my coworker's dog LOVES his and it works great for them. In the end, you’ll just have to research different Thundershirt reviews to get the answer you’re looking for. Essential oils have been broadly studied for calming effectiveness on humans and a few limited studies have indicated good results with dogs. Give your dog tempting (and I mean tempting!) For dogs, this puts an end to behaviors like destructive chewing, house soiling, and problem barking. Wait at least half an hour before going swimming. The ThunderCap has a sheer fabric panel that sits over the dog’s eyes, similar to wearing a veil, which reduces their vision by about half. Newfielove.com. With the spray, simply apply 1 or 2 pumps of spray onto the dogs back around the shoulder blades and then massage into the fur with your hands. Just put the ThunderLeash onto your dog and you will likely see improvement in leash pulling. If you do decide to try it, make sure that you put it on your dog while she's doing some good things (eating, playing, cuddles) so she associates it with that, or she'll just associate it with being scared and it won't do … Put the Thundershirt on your dog prior to stressful situations. Some dogs just don’t seem to be affected by the product even if they have only mild anxiety. Calms Dogs During Thunderstorms ThunderShirt was developed to soothe the fears of a dog deathly afraid of thunder. Most cats quickly learn that they can still move freely. So maybe Rigo is actually comforting me. Just get the leash-end close to the cap and they pull together. So it’s better to wrap the thundershirt during less stressful situations. Once your dog seems to accept wearing the Thundershirt without any stress, begin leaving it on her for 10 or 20 minutes at a time. However, with wide ranging use over many decades, the observed results reported by pet families are hard to refute! For hygiene reasons, the ThunderShirt cannot be returned if it has come into contact with your pet. The Thundershirt might not work right away, but over time, the dog will adapt and the effects will become more pronounced. For my dog, it’s been an awesome investment. Ace is scared of the vet too ever since he had to spend the night one time. Just grab the release slide and pull. For more information, read my post on how to stop a dog’s separation anxiety. And like any issue, different solutions work for different pets. The ThunderCloud® Sound Machine functions have a variety of volume levels and sound options to mask nighttime noises and help you and your pets sleep through the night. A wide variety of scientific, clinical studies published in respected journals & presented at conferences have demonstrated the efficacy of ThunderEase. Yes! And you still can use the thumb brake when needed. Just because a dog barks when home alone does not mean he has separation anxiety. Good question! It is lightweight which is great but it would be too hot for these Florida summers. We stand behind our product! The most important thing is that it didn’t do anything to calm him down. Nope! Ignore your dog’s crying. It’s intended to have a calming effect by approximating the feeling of a hug and is a popular drug-free option for addressing a dog’s anxiety. Why does ThunderShirt work? I feel so bad for her every 4th of July and NYE, but don't know what else to do but just be there and be miserable with her. Dogs' noses are much more sensitive than a human's, so even if you can't smell the essential oils, rest assured that they are diffusing throughout your room and providing calming aromatherapy for your dog. Yes! One dog’s anxiety level, energy level and personality is not the same as any other dog. Have you tried the Thundershirt? And disconnecting is easier too! So easy! Highly unusual. Lets hope he remembers next time he visits as he visits on a regular basis. These pheromones help dogs and cats bond to each other and their mothers. That is the beautiful thing about Dial-A-Distance. The strong magnets pull the Snap together, but steel holds it together. Hes very stressed at the vets but, unlike how ace was, one & half nights at the vets has seemed to have calmed him down after he went in as an emergency through the night – I think he got to know the nurses more and so had a pleasant experience and realised it wasn’t so horrible after all – enough to let the vet look at him as a follow up appointment. In addition to the Thundershirt, Justin recommended that dog owners stick to a regular exercise routine with their dogs to decrease the dogs’ extra energy. For shorter tags, you can easily trim the ThunderCover with scissors to fit the length of your tags. That Mutt is a participant in affiliate advertising with Amazon, Chewy and Darwin’s. That way if it doesn't work out, you can easily return it and get your money back. It works wonders. ThunderEase is available in a variety of types for home and travel for your dog, cat, or multi-cat household. I think he’s had too many bad experiences there. Aromatherapy Although, in that case the product was used for anxiety during storms, not separation anxiety. This effectively reduces the stimuli received by the dog, greatly helping to calm them in situations caused by visual cues like travel anxiety or reactivity to other dogs or people. Just choose the one you feel might look the best on your dog! When fitting a ThunderShirt on a male dog, the straps that go around the stomach area should not cover or push on the genitals or prepuce. The first bad experience was about 3 days after I got him. (Disclosure: I did not receive any sort of compensation for my review of this product.